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  • Specifically Designed for use with the LAVA U Carbon Fibre Ukulele
  • Custom soft matte leather, exquisitely pressed to produce fine lines and thin narrow edges
  • Soft and flexible as a material with highly saturated colouring on the front of the strap, to match the shimmering pearlescent finish of the LAVA U
  • The rear side of the strap is carefully contrasted with classic neautral tones for an additional touch of elegance
  • Featuring a sculpted, metal locking buckle, made using injection moulding for a high-precision and consistent finish every time
  • After 28 days of sintering, grinding, polishing and electroplating, the inside of the strap lock is finished with the accuracy of a mechanical watch
  • Dozens of parts are built with an accuracy of 0.1mm, professionally carved to ensure the user feels both the comfort and quality of the strap when attached to the LAVA U

Ideal Strap U - LAVA U Compatible


    • 3 Different colour options available 
    • Strap Lock Fastening System  
    • All accessories shipped within 3-4 business days
    • Please allow 7-10 days for delivery after tracking information is provided (subject to location) 
    • Deliveries outside of the UK may take longer
    • Refunds and exchanges are not accepted on accessories
    • Shipping costs confirmed at checkout
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