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Colourful. Playful. Powerful.

Integrating the multi-touch display and HILAVA system with new material, BLUE LAVA is designed to be eco-friendly while offering you the potential to create something truly awesome with its built-in apps and sharing feature.

Multi Touch Display

The 3.5-inch multi-touch display unleashes endless possibilities with powerful features.
Countless astonishing experiences are now just a tap away.

HILAVA System 

Intuitive built-in apps on the HILAVA system enrich the way you practice, play, and create.
They act instantly to your moves, letting you utilize them with lightweight interaction. Utilizing Wi-Fi & Bluetooth, Cross device Sync and contant updates – there will always be something new using HILAVA.

Your stage is everywhere...

With instant widgets, you can quickly set up the stage to improvise and impress your friends, on campus, at parties, or around a campfire. You can also pre-set parameters to your preference.

Effects Built-in

A few swipes and taps unlock unique effects like BigBen, Black Hole, Rain Forest, and tons more. Powered by the FreeBoost 2.0, each effect will immerse your music in a magical atmosphere in an instant, even without any plugging-in.

Drummer Function

Built in Grooves. Different Genres. 4 Track Overdubbing. The Loops App features grooves of Hip-Hop, Pop, Rock, and more. Pick One and play every role in a band.

Tempo App

Getting the right timing is crucial for every guitar player. With the Tempo App, you could simply scroll or tap-tempo to set BPM and choose from four click sounds that bring an all-new experience each time.

Practice App – Learning never seemed so fun!

Each mode in the Practice App offers real-time feedback, analyzing your rhythm accuracy, note velocity and interval speed, and displaying them in a detailed practice report. Chord Transition, Ear Training, Scale Training, Strumming and Single note are all features within the practice app. Practice newly learned skills with the Effects App and Loops App. See how exciting it becomes.

Recorder App

When inspiration strikes, grab it! The Recorder App lets you capture your ideas before they slip away. It also filters ambient noise and only records the crystal-clear sound of your playing.


Review your practice achievements, favorite grooves and effects here. Auto-sync the content you have created, music, video, or pictures. Find your center stage in the global LAVA community, Share ideas, connect with music creators, and get inspired.

4-Mass Technology

The 4-MASS design in BLUE LAVA enhances vibrations of the guitar top, back, side, and neck, delivering full and balanced tones. The reinforced internal structure extends low frequency vibration towards the end of the soundbox and makes broader space for high frequency vibration around the soundhole.

Intrinsic Craftmanship

At LAVA, designing encompasses more than just products. We renovated the entire production process by establishing a modern manufacturing facility. To bring the innovative design of BLUE LAVA into mass-production, we designed over 80% of all machines and forging tools specifically for BLUE LAVA.


Optimizing material use and production techniques remains our key focus throughout. We replaced wood with recyclable HPL to reduce deforestation and manufactured our products through automatic production lines to prevent industrial waste. This makes
BLUE LAVA friendly to the environment while maintaining high performance.

HPL adapts to changes in temperature from -4℉ to 122℉ and humidity from
10% to 90%. It is lightweight, sturdy, weatherproof, and easy to maintain.

To get the most out of your BLUE LAVA guitar watch the video guides and tutorials. Remember to Activate your guitar to open up it's full potential. Click HERE!

BLUE LAVA TOUCH with Airflow Bag ~ Aqua Green / Mint Green

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