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  • The LAVA U is made from AirSonic Carbon Fibre and withstands changes in humidity from -4 to 140 degrees faranheit.
  • The built in L2 Mini Preamp, allows the player to produce Delay, Reverb and Chorus without the need to be plugged into an amplifier.
  • This item also comes with the custom designed “Space Case” exclusive to the LAVA U
  • Also includes LAVA U study instructional manual, USB charging cable and cleaning cloth

LAVA U 26” Freeboost Red

Size: 26”
    • 26-Inch - Comes with Space Case
    • Featuring L2 mini preamp with FreeBoost™ technology
    • Colors & Finishes - Sparkle Red / Sparkle Pink / Sparkle Purple / Sparkle Black / Sparkle Blue / Sparkle Gold
    • Soundboard material / Body material - AirSonic™ carbon fiber composited
    • Strings - LAVA designed crystal strings
    • Hardware - LAVA designed screwless machine head
    • Please allow up to 14 working days for delivery
    • Tracking Information provided within the first 7 days after order has been processed 
    • We only accept returns on items that arrive damaged oare returned to the point of origin within 14 days of arrival - detailed return policy available on request 
    • Shipping Costs and Import Taxes etc are included in the overall price paid