• The LAVA ME PRO is made from our patented AirSonic Carbon Fibre composite and designed to perform from -25°C to 95°C
  • The L2 PRO Preamp System with Freeboost technology allows the player to produce Delay, Reverb, Chorus on the guitar without plugging in and further their sound with Tap-Tempo Delay, Turbo Mode and Mix-Control features
  • Also come with USB Type-C charging cable, Instruction manual, Cleaning cloth, Ideal Bag PRO, Ideal Pick Mix

LAVA ME PRO Space Grey / Black

    • Black Gold / Space Grey
    • 41-Inch unibody guitar
    • Electronic systems - L2 PRO - Co-developed with L.R. Baggs
    • Soundboard material - AirCarbon
    • Body material - AirSonic™ Carbon fiber composited
    • Strings - Elixir Nanoweb
    • Hardware - LAVA designed screwless machine head
    • Please allow up to 14 working days for delivery
    • Tracking Information provided within the first 7 days after order has been processed 
    • We only accept returns on items that arrive damaged or are returned to the point of origin within 14 days of arrival - detailed return policy available on request 
    • Shipping Costs are added at the point of checkout where applicable
    • Customs fees included to most regions - please fill out our contact form for clarification if required


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