• The AIR Pick provides remarkably deep resonance with an extremely thin pick-end, while enhancing the amplitude of the strings to achieve a warm and rich sound with it's unique gradual-thickening body. The Air Pick was also given a bigger holding area, to prevent it from being dropped as easily when performing.
  • The FLOW Pick was made to be adaptable to any type of playing while still being comfortable to hold and allowing the guitarist to move freely between notes or chords.
  • The FOCUS Pick was deisgned to shred! A unique sharp edged pick end and specific thickness ratio, allows for a rich sound while playing at high speed. 


  • AIR

    • Thickness - 29.0mm
    • Pick-end thickness - 0.38mm
    • Height - 30.0mm
    • Pick-top thickness - 1.40mm


    • Thickness - 27.6mm
    • Pick-end thickness - 0.80mm
    • Height - 25.3mm
    • Pick-top thickness - 1.60mm


    • Thickness - 25.6mm
    • Pick-end thickness - 1.25mm
    • Height - 23.8mm
    • Pick-top thickness - 2.00mm
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